Delicious easy-to-cook data visualization and story recipes
for data-hungry journalists.

You can't wait to master data journalism – but it's hard.

Tutorials are difficult to follow. Online examples are irrelevant.
You've forgotten everything you learned from that workshop
you attended last year.

We totally understand. We think learning this stuff should be
as easy as following recipes for delicious, home-cooked meals.

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Easy to follow, bite-sized instructions to elevate your data presentation skills in
no time.


Use real world data from published stories

Fresh local ingredients are important to make dishes to your taste.

Data in the wild is way more difficult to work with than cute curated datasets often used for teaching. We dive into real world data and embrace the messiness.


We don't skip steps

We take you from shopping for ingredients to plating the meal and all the steps in between.

It's super annoying when tutorials skip over the "easy" parts. We won't leave you hanging.


Get something publishable at the end of each recipe

Treat your editor to an instgrammable, home-cooked gourmet meal.

You want to be productive. So does your editor. We don't want to waste your time and leave you with half-baked products.


We use the right tool for the right job

You don't learn to cook by learning how to use utensils – you learn how to cook from cooking.

There are tons of different tools out there for data journalism. We teach you WHY and WHEN you should use each tool.

You already know how to tell stories.
Now, add delicious data to them.

Stop wasting countless hours with trial and error.
Get cooking now!

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